LET’S INTERACT!! Who Enjoys S#x The Most – Men Or Ladies?


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A guy wrote online when he was asked who enjoys s#x between both sides:

“To me, I think ladies enjoy and think more about s#x.. A guy can sleep with 5 ladies and he forgets about it the next day.

But a lady keep remembering the s#x she had especially if she reached her orgasm. That thought may go on in her minds for months if not years, that’s why you hear a lady scream her Ex bf name when another guy is drilling her.

Secondly, Ladies seems to take break up or cheat so hard because the guy has had s#x with them countless time especially a newly disvirgined girl can go to the extent of cursing the guy unlike a newly disvirgined guy take it as a normal thing.”

So Guys, Who Enjoys S#x Between Men & Ladies?

Let’s hear from you all.

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