How to Kiss a Girl Perfectly for the First Time


First of all, I am not a kiss Instructor.

So starting on the way to kiss a girl, I can’t tell you how many chances I missed having interesting, fun, sexy women in my life… all because I didn’t know how or when to go for the first kiss.

But after a long try, I find some interesting way to kiss a girl on a romantic date.

The couple knows that every date starts with some little conversation and end with romantics smooches and hugs.

If I see that a girl is receptive to what I am doing at this point… if she is responding positively by allowing this innocent physical contact… It’s game on.

First of all decide a pretty place to date a girl. Avoid coffee shop and movie theatre. When you both have to spend quality of time with talking to each other you guys are busy in watching a movie.

So after deciding a place for a date goes there. Select a better place to sit where no one is there to disturb you and you guys can have some good time.

Starting with conversation talk about what you guys are doing before you meet each other and many more thing. Slowly and steadily stare in her eyes tries to touch her hand.

If she give her hand to touch and expressing her filling then you are on right way. In between conversation tries to take a hug if she is really interested in you then she will definitely hug you.

After a warm hug sits just behind her and tries to kiss on her chicks and the main thing never ask her for a kiss, it creates a negative effect. Try to remove some portion of shoulders and kiss on her neck if she stop talking and enjoy that kiss then you are on right way.

Remove her inner strips down to her hands and do more kisses on her hands and shoulders. Then after coming in front of her.

Talk through eyes make strong eye contact is very important. Keep your hands on both the sides, slowly go close to her and kiss her very light kiss, not the passionate one, don’t ask her can I kiss you, just go back to your normal position ask her are you fine?? She won’t tell you that she loved it. But she will definitely give you tight hug to show you how much she loved it.

Don’t forget !! That will happen only when both of you are in the mood!

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