10 Killer Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend


You love your girlfriend, your girlfriend knows you love her but this is not enough to make a relationship stronger. There should be a mystery, gifts, understanding, affection, surprises and many more. This is the little things that make a relationship stronger. If you give your girlfriend surprises that make your relationship really stronger. The surprises can be given anywhere in some occasion, in you anniversary or even when you both had a fight. Today I am going to tell you how to surprise your girlfriend.

Girls aren’t always looking for surprises or gifts from their boyfriend without any occasions but they love such small acts of kindness and small surprises that make amaze them and make them happy every now and then, here is 10 tips on a surprising partner on random occasions.

10 Killer Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend –

1) Show up at her workplace

Show-up at her workplace

Just imagine she is working on some shit her boss have given her and suddenly the one she loves shows up, how cool that would be. Definitely, she will cheer up with joy. Take her for lunch or for a movie.

2) A Love Letter

A Love Letter

Well, in this WhatsApp age, you are no longer to send a love letter to your girlfriend. You do not need to write on paper and send to your girlfriend like 80’s movies. And you don’t have to wait for valentine day to write down your feelings. Love letters are the best way to add romance to your love life.

3) Trin- Trin I Love You

 Trin- Trin I Love You

This is among most easy and workable way, it would be great if you call from unknown number and propose her in some funny way. However, a surprising call from you will brighten her day with joy. Go Do IT.

4) Dedicate a Song on Radio

Dedicate a Song on Radio

Dedicate a Song on Radio

Yup, this is old-fashioned buy maybe that’s the only reason I recommend it to you. Maybe do it on her favorite time to listen to a radio and to her favorite love song.

5) Go Shopping

Go Shopping

There is no brainer in this. Shopping is in the blood of every woman. Unlike any other ordinary day, take her on shopping on a totally unexpected day.

6) Make her breakfast in bed

Make her breakfast in bed

What can be better than this, make a breakfast yourself and present her on the bed? Some flower on the tray with her beautiful food to eat.

7) Compliments


Yes, they do come with surprise if she is not fond of listening from you more often. A simple line like “I wish I’d have met you sooner” can make her feel out of the world. Humans love compliments so use it more often.

8) Nostalgia


This work with everyone every-time, Take her to some calm place, sit and remember the old memories of your past, how you met, you first kiss etc. This adds fuel to your relationship and love.

9) New tricks in bed

New tricks in bed

This is the naughtiest niceness. A surprise in bed may work as anywhere. Role-playing, position change as well different place works like a charm.

10) Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Last but not the least, this four words will make her mind go boggling. This will be the next step in your relationship. Keeping the romance alive is not so difficult when you keep the excitement on in a relationship. The element of surprise is essential to keep the flame lit always!

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