How to Attract a Gemini Girl – Complete Guide


Do you have a crush on someone and you have found her out to be a Gemini person? If that’s the case then you definitely need to know some of her likes and dislikes. More or less frequently a Gemini who is born between 21st May and 20th June is a dual personality owner. Like she could be as sweet as sugar and as hard as ice. She is the one who is intelligent and who loves to stand out of the crowd. So you need to be vigilant and catch her attention in one go so that you don’t miss out the chance. Besides this there is a downside to it also. She may also sound manipulative and possessive at the same time. And you dare not try cheating on her as she can be revengeful and scheming also.

What a Gemini girl finds irresistible in a guy?

As you know she is a bit choosy then definitely she looks up for some of the great traits in the guy she wants to date. Here are some of the particular ones that she searches for.

  • Good sense of humor

This is perhaps one of the most sought after traits by a Gemini girl in a man. As she is intended towards a person who can make her laugh even when she doesn’t wants to. So if you are trying to impress any such girl, then you got to have some real sense of humor.

  • Witty

Now which girl wouldn’t fall for good looks? Similar is the case with a Gemini girl. She loves to see a guy who is tall, dark, and handsome and dons perfect personality being witty. Therefore do work on your looks and groom yourself a bit before you go and ask out a Gemini girl.

  • Full of adventure

As you know she is the one who hates being boring or even being with someone who is boring. To break the notion you need to be adventurous in various walks of life. May it be work, fun love or anything just bring something new in everything.

  • Success

Ok so now which girl won’t want his man to be a successful personality? A Gemini girl herself being intelligent and carving for success definitely wants her guy to be the same. To her what matters is that whatever the field be he needs to just be the best in that.

  • Romantic

Romance plays a pivotal role in a Gemini woman’s life. But it’s not that usual as you need to be very creative in putting up your feelings to. As she likes surprises and new ways of making love.

The Dislikes in a Man

Apart from the characteristics that she loves, there are many things that a Gemini girl might not like in her man. Here are a few that you can avoid to stop from any disaster to happen.

  • Being over possessive

As you know she loves being independent and live life her way, she may not like interference at all points. Of course she will love with all her heart out but at the same time she would want her own space. If you every time ask her questions about her male friends and call every now and then. Then I am afraid you may end up failing to impress her anymore.

  • Being so easy to get

Though a Gemini girl loves her man to the moon and back, but definitely she won’t want it to be that easy. So just give her time and also don’t be easily approachable. Let her also go mad for you as it ignites the spark of love.

  • Being introvert

Are you a geek type or introvert? Well if yes then you can be sailing in tough waters. As you know she is full of adventure so she might be looking for movies, clubbing, parties etc. So change for yourself from being a couch potato to be full of life.

  • Slow in catching her

Every girl is moody and so is a Gemini girl. As you know she is unpredictable so she may be all laughing at one time. And may be in another fraction of second crying at your shoulder. But if you are not able to catch her mood then guy you are not the one for her. So do some homework about her moods and then only try approaching.

The seduction thing

Now knowing all the likes and dislikes to attract a Gemini girl, you also need to know that she loves making love. But to attract her you need to know ways to seduce her the right way. Here are some of the best tips for the same.

  • Be flirty

Being a Gemini she loves people who do healthy flirting. Just keep flirting on regular intervals, she will definitely love it.

  • Romance with all arms open

Ok now when you know she is with you then why not attract her in the best way possible. Gemini loves surprises and people who are full of life. So just simply go out of the box while romancing her. Like gift her as many gifts as you can, flowers, express your feelings with all your heart out.

  • The laughter dose

As a Gemini loves a guy with great sense of humor. So make her laugh every time you can this will make her attract towards you. And you never know that may lead to something really romantic and witty.

  • Making Love

Now when she is all yours so do know one thing about a Gemini girl that she is very passionate when it comes to making live. Just simply tickle her, hug her and make love while keeping it all alive and diverse.

Ok so I think there’s enough now that you know about how to attract a Gemini girl. So what are you waiting for? Get going and make her yours with all your heart, all the best!

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