6 Steps To Free Yourself From Sin


Sin is breaking of the law. It can be described as a state of lawlessness. Adam and Eve broke God’s law, sin entered and God was not happy with them and this brought a curse on mankind. The Bible has made us to understand that the wages of sin is death. As a christian, we must do away with sin at all times because no sinner would be granted access to God’s glory and they are bound to go to hell to suffer for eternity. Below are the steps to free yourself from sins:

1. Think about the sins you have committed: Thinking about your sins means reflection. Reflecting on our past mistakes and acknowledging we have done wrong by a divine code which is the rule of God.

2. Turn from sin and forsake it: After reflection, the next step is to take a decision to turn from the mistakes and wrong doings one’s been involved in and be ready to turn a new leaf.

3. Confess your sins to God: Confession of sins is the next ultimate step after the decision to turn a new leaf. To confess is to openly admit to all the sins you’ve committed with a promise never to return to them.

4. Be born again in Jesus Christ: To be born again means to accept Jesus Christ as the true son of God and that he came to earth to die for our sins and we have been saved through his sacrifice.

5. Take a step of water baptism: Jesus Christ emphasized the need of water baptism as a sign of being born again completely. The holy spirit comes down a person after baptism.

6. Start living a holy life: The final step is to start living a holy life. The only thing God is expecting from everyone who has come out of sin is to be a holy person and be living a holy life.

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