What Faith Really Teaches Us


Faith is the belief of the unseen. An abstraction of understanding of a living God you can’t see. There are a lot of things faith teaches us. And a lot of benefits attached to having faith.

You can not become a christian without faith. You can only hear the word of the good news and belief it is true by the show of faith which the holy spirit have help invest in you.

You can not live a christian life without faith.

You can not receive blessings from God without faith.

In fact, you can not do nothing in Christianity without faith. Faith is the pillar on which a Christ like life is based. Faith has made us to understand what it means to live the christian way because believing in the gospel is by faith. Also, living on the basis of the word of God is by faith of the belief that there’s God and that he has commanded us to live in a certain which is holy in his sight.

Finally, praying and hoping to receive answers to our prayer is a ultimate show of good faith.

The ever golden prayer a christian can pray everyday is, ‘Lord Increase My  Faith!’

A good christian has to have faith in God to be able to come out to the world to preach the gospel to them, and teach them in the way of the good living, as commanded by God, encouraging them on the use of prayer as a way of effective communication with their maker so that he can answer them based on the quantity of how much faith they have in him.

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